Gentle Professional Cleaning

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Teeth Cleanings

This guide will help you understand the benefits of teeth cleanings, highlight the various styles available and explain the processes involved. 


In your first appointment, our dentist will perform a dental examination to determine the current state of your teeth and gums. They will also review your dental records and discuss the maintenance needed to achieve optimal oral hygiene.

Types of Cleaning

There are different types of teeth cleanings. When you visit our dental office, our dentist will perform a regular cleaning to eliminate the tartar and plaque buildup. However, you may need an additional or alternate cleaning, depending on your current oral health. After examination, our dentist will determine which method is better for you. Following are the different types of teeth cleanings we offer:

Regular Cleaning

A regular cleaning consists of our dentist eliminating stains, tartar and plaque from your teeth. For patients with gum health issues, our dentist may recommend more frequent visits for teeth cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Our dentist will suggest deep cleanings if you showcase certain symptoms, such as a buildup of tartar, plaque under the gums, bleeding gums, sensitive gums or deep gum pockets.

Full Mouth Debridement

Our dentist will recommend this teeth cleaning procedure if a regular teeth cleaning method won't do the trick. Full mouth debridement eliminates hard tartar and plaque from your teeth and gums.

Periodontal Maintenance

Our dentist will recommend periodontal maintenance after you have undergone a treatment such as deep cleaning. Continuing to maintain your oral health is essential as recurrences of gum disease or plaque can occur. Additionally, periodontal maintenance removes tartar and plaque from below and above the gum line, deep cleans your teeth and is followed up by teeth polishing.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

As mentioned before, the teeth cleaning process is crucial for your overall oral health. Some benefits of teeth cleanings are as follows:

Cavity Prevention

Plaque is one of the most common causes of tooth decay. If plaque is not removed regularly, the build-up could result in cavities and deterioration of the enamel.

Tooth Loss Prevention

When gum disease spreads, due to plaque, it may damage the bone support in the jaw. This results in loose teeth and, evenutally, tooth loss. This is one of the many reasons why regular teeth cleanings are beneficial for your oral health.

Bad Breath Prevention

Professional cleanings, as we already know, help in maintaining your oral health. Good oral health means fresh breath and a beautiful smile.

Brighter Smile

Stains on teeth are typically caused by lifestyle habits, like smoking, and drinking wine, tea and coffee. However, these stains can be eliminated with the help of frequent teeth cleanings.

Improved Health

Numerous studies have determined a link between overall health and oral health. Regular teeth cleanings performed by our dentist can help you achieve overall wellness.

Frequency of Teeth Cleaning

Depending on your current state of oral health, our dentist will determine how frequently you should schedule an appointment for a teeth cleaning. To schedule your appointment at Adams Dairy Family Dental Care in Blue Springs, Missouri, call our office. Our dentist and team will answer any questions or address concerns.